Knowledge – Competence – Experience

Why? According to a study from the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) in cooperation with the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft Köln employers appreciate very much if graduates have international experiences: International mobility and practical experiences connected to the individual study program sharpen one’s international and intercultural competences as well as prepare for future global working life. Experience in a foreign country help also the personal development and broaden one´s horizon.

What? Every experience you made in an international frame will be subsumed under the Certificate of International Competence, which will confirm an international portfolio for your CV: Semesters on Universities abroad, language courses, internships in foreign companies as well as international commitment at Universities.

How? To acquire the Certificate of International Competence you need to participate in at least 3 of the following 4 modules. If you collected enough of the requirements, please submit your documents to the Competence Center International Services at your study location of Hochschule Fresenius. Together with all required certificates, you will receive the Certificate International Competences.

If you have any questions concerning the CIC please contact the team of Competence Center International Services! We have also uploaded a guide for the CIC at ILIAS.


International Experience

Within this module of the Certificate of International Competence your study semester on a foreign university can be recognized. No matter whether you took part in an integrated semester abroad of Hochschule Fresenius, an Erasmus-program or a Freemover-program – the individual experiences you collected during your time at foreign universities count. To confirm this module please provide your transcript of records from the foreign university.

International Communication

In our global world language skills are unavoidable. For your daily routine, but especially with regards to your future working life you always make a positive impression with skills in different languages. A lot of companies communicate not only in one language but several, and it is not always English what is requested. Being multilingual is a must-have! For the confirmation of this module please provide the certificate of a language course.*

*Participation of language courses must be within your studies. Offers from external institutions are not admitted. All language courses must have a minimum duration of 26 teaching hours. English courses must be completed with level B2 (e.g. Toeic); Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch must be completed with level 2 and Chinese, Japanese and Russian with Level 1 according to the frame of the Competence Center Languages of Hochschule Fresenius. Tourism students: must achieve an average grade of 2,0 of module I and II in Spanish language otherwhise they have to visit another language course offered by Hochschule Fresenius (only valid for student from PO2018, not for students who started in fall 2020)

International Commitment

Also in direct exchanges and active work in an international context you take advantage of diverse international commitment. Help incoming students in their new surroundings; support the team of the Competence Center International Service with events concerning the international programs of Hochschule Fresenius; share your experiences with other students. For the confirmation of this module please provide certificates of each commitment.*

*You need to take part in at least three programs/events.

International in Practice

If you imagine a future career in an international company, it is highly recommended to use your time of studies to get an impression of international corporate culture through an internship. You could gain experiences and expand your global network, maybe you get in touch with your future employer. For the confirmation of this module please provide the certificate of your internship. *

*Internships must have a minimum duration of 4 weeks and 40 working hours weekly.