The city of Munich can be described as a merging of tradition and innovation. The capital of Bavaria with its amazing historical buildings, its popular brewing companies and hearty cuisine gets more and more known for innovative solutions and young entrepreneurs.

Although in Munich start-ups have to stand up against some of the world’s largest tech companies when it comes to recruiting talent, it is exactly those global players that make the place in the start-up scene so attractive as many of these invest in the start-up spirit. This creates a perfect symbiosis – successful but often conservative companies benefit from young and creative minds while start-ups get the chance to grow thanks to a variety of accelerator programmes.

For example the sports App freeletics was founded 2013 in Munich. By now, the company has 10 million users, 140 employees and 4 Apps. In parks of big cities all over the world people come together in groups doing their training outside by using freeletics.



Classwork: Learn about entrepreneurial actions and mindsets in practice and understand the basics of start up management and digital economy.



Visit Schloss Neuschwanstein

Explore one of the most popular castles in Europe also known as the castle of the fairy-tale king King Ludwig II. Located in the idyllic landscape of Bavaria Neuschwanstein was an inspiration for Walt Disneys Cinderella film.     

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